The Death Salon UK


Ever since I began working at Barts Pathology Museum I’ve been passionate about pathology public engagement. But as this museum encompasses history and art, epidemiology and forensics, literature and architecture, it means this is the ideal place for a more cultural discussion about mortality and mourning. I was therefore thrilled to become the host of the UK offshoot of The Death Salon, directed by Megan Rosenbloom with an advisory board of illustrious #deathxperts such as co-founder Caitlin Doughty of ‘Ask A Mortician’ fame and Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris who is The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice. Many of the other advisors are on the list of blogs I follow and can be seen on The Death Salon website.

Death Salon Pin

The event will take place at Barts in London and we deliberately chose low ticket costs so as not to ‘price out’ the general public. The point of Death Salon is to encourage a public dialogue, facilitated by academics, about a topic which this society seems to consider taboo (unlike, for example, Mexico with its colourful Dia de los Muertos celebrations.) You can see the line up here and here and there are still speakers being added. It looks to be an AMAZING event and those who choose to purchase the full three-day ticket will be invited to a special launch show on the Wednesday night (which is nearly as spectacular as the conference itself!)

So if you’d like to purchase tickets then do so quickly as they are going fast and I’d love to meet as many of you as possible -C-

Coming on the blog soon for the Valentine’s season: a two-part account of the cultural links between sex & death


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