Desiring Decay

Desiring Decay: Decomposing Women and Death Salience.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been in the enviable position of working with The Wellcome Collection on their fantastic Forensics: Anatomy of Crime exhibition, even recently representing it in printed media and on live TV. The exhibition, and the ad hoc spots chatting about it, were a real honour for me, having spent all of my career working in forensics and with the dead. Now that I’m attempting to go deeper into the study of our relationships with the deceased and how they affect us positively, I’m thrilled to see the inclusion of The Death of a Noble Lady and the Decay of her Body from The Wellcome Library in the exhibition. I’ve wanted to take a closer look at this fascinating series for a while as it encompasses sex and death, as well as representing a way for us to familiarise ourselves with our inevitable decay.

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