Award and a ‘Thank You’ to Followers

I was very recently at The Good Funeral Awards in Winchester and honoured to not only be nominated but WIN an award. The Award was for ‘Major Contribution to the Understanding of Death’ and was a statue of Anubis (Egyptian god of the Underworld and Embalming) in a cute cardboard coffin.

Ian Lavender from "Dad's Army" presented me with the award!
Ian Lavender from “Dad’s Army” presented me with the award!

As a result of this I was interviewed by the Independent an ended up in the paper on Saturday 12th Sep and you can read the piece here. It was a lovely way to receive some acknowledgement and positive comments on the work I’ve been doing in addition to my full time job at Barts Pathology Museum.

IndySmallI thought the best way to say a big “thank-you” was to simply record a short video explaining the things I had been quite busy with and how your support means so much.

I work on a lot of projects and I don’t expect or ask for anything in return – I do it because I love it and I’m passionate about sharing my experience and message. I work a full time job, but this doesn’t stop me from blogging, organising my own extra events called ‘Dead Meet Ups’, running sites like Dead Meet and Remains To Be Seen and handling three Instagrams, Twitters and Facebook pages! So after all that hard work it’s lovely to receive your comments and get an award 🙂

I hope you enjoy the short video and I do have other specimen videos and blog posts ready to be uploaded soon. In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like me to focus on then let me know and do attend some of my Barts events and say ‘Hi!’


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