A Favour from my Lovely Followers…

Since I started this blog I’ve been totally amazed at the amount of followers I acquired and am really grateful for every single one. I hope you’re enjoying posts so far on issues like why sex and death are connected, whether fancying vampires is actually necrophilia and the reality of using ‘beautiful’ corpses in fashion shoots. I have a LOT more to come, believe me!

Me hanging out at work in a vintage playsuits, as I do on a daily basis...
Me hanging out at work in a vintage playsuits, as I do on a daily basis…

In the meantime though I do work a day job at the wonderful Barts Pathology Museum (above) which was in disrepair before I started two years ago. I’m the only full-time staff member there (along with a couple of volunteers for my evening events) and yet I’m delighted to say that the museum has been nominated for  Guardian Museums and Heritage Award – a huge deal for museums in the UK and even further afield. I don’t want to push my luck with you all but I’d be so grateful if you could take a second to follow this link and vote for my museum to win! It doesn’t require any filling in of fields – you just put a dot in the circle and click. VOTE NOW!! If you do vote, let me know 🙂

This place will soon be open to visitors only one afternoon a week but my aim is to open it much more – with the prestige of winning an award like this we could secure extra funding etc. There are so many intriguing specimens which you can read about on the museum blog and maybe one day I’ll get to see some of you there in real life!

Just two of the great specimens: "Tight Lacer's Liver" and Chinese "Bound Foot"
Just two of the great specimens: “Tight Lacer’s Liver” and Chinese “Bound Foot”

Thanks so much for listening to the rambling! If you’d prefer much shorter death/sex facts such as “After a man dies his sperm can stay alive for up to 30 hours. When a woman dies, her uterus is the last thing to decompose” and amusing pics I find like the one below, then follow me on Facebook – logo is in the top right!





  1. Done! Actually, I wanted to vote for all of them. I love everything to do with museums (having once worked in one), but smaller places with very specialised collections and amazing staff will always be top of my list. Thanks for what you do, and good luck!

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