Quotes & Pics of the Week

A collection of quotes and pictures which pertain to sex and death. I’m not creating the links – they already exist and I’m just exploring them…

Seductive Death by E.H.Langlois
Seductive Death by E.H.Langlois

“In certain cases there may be nothing more than the possibility that unbridled desire sees in the idea of death no obstacle to its satisfaction.” – Richard von Krafft-Ebing

P J Lynch: Death and the Maiden, 2010
P J Lynch: Death and the Maiden, 2010

“Love never dies, but lives immortal Lord: If love impersonate was ever dead,

Pale Isabella kiss’d it and low moan’d; ‘Twas love; cold – dead indeed – but not dethroned”

Isabella or The Pot of Basil, Keats


"Death Embraces a Young Woman" Nicholas Manuel Deutsch
“Death Embraces a Young Woman” Nicholas Manuel Deutsch

“The omnipotence of Nature exerts itself in two areas: sex and death” Philip Aries, ‘The Hour of Our Death’

Calendar entry of Polish coffin-maker, Lindner

89. The wives of men of rank when they die are not given at once to be embalmed, nor such women as are very beautiful or of greater regard than others, but on the third or fourth day after their death (and not before) they are delivered to the embalmers. They do so about this matter in order that the embalmers may not abuse their women, for they say that one of them was taken once doing so to the corpse of a woman lately dead, and his fellow-craftsman gave information.

Herodotus, Book II, Euterp

nekromantik2 (1)

“The notion of orgasmic pleasure coming through a deathly consummation has been a feature of the sexual imagine from the Classics (remember that Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself, sprang from the semen of a murdered man”

– Lisa Downing


“The poet-undertaker, Thomas Lynch, points out in Bodies in Motion and at Rest that both sex and death are “horizontal mysteries” that possess similarly disconcerting effects” Katherine Ramsland


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