The Chick and the Dead on YouTube

A CRAZY few weeks in the life of ‘Dead Sexy’!

I’ve barely had time to write any blog posts recently! I have two papers on necrophilia due in September as well as deadlines for the book I’m writing. I just did interviews for The Guardian, Penthouse and Bizarre Magazine, and I spent a day filming for a possible TV show. I also did a review of the Morbid Anatomy Anthology for The Wellcome. All this while opening the museum to the public through August and preparing lectures for talks I’m giving in October (about mortuary work) and November (about the Undead)!

I absolutely love writing blog posts but not everyone has the time to read them. They also take an awful lot of work and sometimes I’d like to get some interesting information out there simply by saying a few sentences, particularly when things are hectic like they are now.

Also, given that the specimens on the upper floors of my museum can’t yet be physically seen by the general public (although pictures/footage of them can be seen) I thought a YouTube channel was a good idea. My channel is The Chick and the Dead and at the moment is split into several playlists.

One, Dead Sexy, is all about my interest in our relationships with human remains, even the intimate ones, and where I’m going with my observations.

The other, A Potted History Of…, involves me discussing in detail a specimen or ‘pot’ from our 5000 strong collection – particularly the ones inaccessible due to current HTA regulations.

I hope that these posts can get across how amazingly interesting the collection at Barts Pathology Museum is, as well as the reasons why death isn’t something we should shy away from – it permeates everything we do on a day to day basis.

The videos are free and I’d be honored if you let me know what you think and share the content. My belief is that these specimens belong to everyone, not just medical students, and I’d like to show you some of the fascinating medical and pathological history I have at my fingertips.


  1. I love your videos! I love the opportunity to see specimens I’m not usually able to see, as I don’t work in the medical field. I’m thrilled that you put aside your time to educate and enlighten people like me!

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