Dying to Meet Someone?

When I worked in a mortuary I found it really difficult to meet people who were in the same industry as me. Whether for friendship or more, we all have a need to chat to someone that we have common ground with, uncensored. It’s also important because there is an expectation in mortuaries and funeral homes that what happens at work stays there. You can only really chat about your day with people in a similar industry due to confidentiality issues, and disclosing any information to people outside that small circle is ‘frowned upon’


Blogging as I sometimes do about death and its connections to sex, it was inevitable that I would come up with the idea of a dating site for those in the death industry. Thus, Dead Meet was born. It’s actually more of a social networking site, a combination of Facebook and Linked In for those who work in any area which involves death – even those studying it. However it has the added bonus of dating site technology, i.e. being able to search for someone via their profession or professional interest.

I’m not single but the benefit of this site is being able to find contributors to my lecture series here at the museum. For example, I recently tried to find an embalmer for a lecture about Evelyn Waugh’s ‘The Loved One’ and couldn’t get the ones I know to stand up in front of 100 people, even for money! Perhaps with a site like Dead Meet I can cast the net wider? I’m also planning some Dead Meet-Ups so that people can meet in person, whether for dating or research and future collaborations, there’s no substitute for chatting in person over a drink in a comfortable environment.

Eros and Thanatos
Eros and Thanatos thanks to Amanda Sutton of http://www.amandasautopsies.com

If you’re in the industry and that’s why you follow this blog, then feel free to join. If you know people in the profession then do advertise. And everybody let me know your thoughts! The site is only a week old so many of the issues are still being improved, but it’s certainly functional.

Have a great weekend!


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