• A PULP Guide to Necrophilia

A concise history of necrophilia using Pulp book covers to illustrate pertinent cases

  • Sherlock’s Other Sidekick: The Real Molly Hooper

BBC1’s contemporary re-imagining of the Sherlock Holmes cannon includes a much-needed injection of femininity in the form of Molly Hooper. Working in the fictional “Barts Hospital Morgue” Molly’s character has much in common with myself, the museum’s Technical Curator and qualified senior mortuary technician who now works at Barts. Join me to learn the realities of working in mortuaries in the UK as an Anatomical Pathology Technologist and find out how Barts and Sherlock Holmes are connected.

  • Til Death Us Do (Not) Part: Spousal Necrophilia

Rituals which involve marrying the dead, cases of spouses retaining body parts of their beloved and funeral themed weddings.


  • Remains to be Seen: Advocating Access to Human Remains

The negative history of ‘human remains’ in the form of necromancy and the retined organs scandal, how we need to move away from those connotations and the relevance and power of human remains in museum collections


  • Danse Macabre: A Guide to Dancing and Death

The Role of the APT in Identification of the Dead (Forensic/Technical)

The Death Metal Guide to Decay