The PULP Guide to Necrophilia

Necrophilia. Now that’s a topic that will wake you up from a mid-afternoon slump faster than a coffee and a few Hob-Nobs. But what is necrophilia, really? Among other things it’s a very complex impulse at the more extreme end of a sliding scale of our behavioural relationship with human remains. Our contact with death and our dead varies through the ages and across cultures, from the practically transgressive intimacy with all things decay in the Medieval Europe to the sterile mail order cremations of recent times . Also, sex and death are everywhere – from the death-scene photoshoots on America’s Top Model to odd behaviour in the animal kingdom –  and this blog attempts to examine them all. However, one of my favourite mechanisms for engaging people with the topic is the wonderfully kitsch series of genuine Pulp book covers, below, which I update daily on my Instagram account @retronecro. Below are 8 of my favourites but there is a whole slew of them out there. Welcome to the world of ‘Necropulp’!

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