“Bone Idol” – Kathy Reichs

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Reading the latest ‘Tempe Brennan’ offering – Bones Never Lie – on the train home from work last night, it still hadn’t quite sunk in that I’d just met one of my idols at Barts Pathology Museum. This latest crime thriller is her 17th Tempe Brennan book, and I’ve been reading the series since the first, Deja Dead, was published in 1997 (which makes me feel incredibly old!) Back then I was immediately entranced by its gripping, dramatic plot which waltzed effortlessly with the realistic scientific content, as though the two – fact and fiction – had always been accomplished dance partners. As a Forensic Science student, it was thrilling for me to be engaged in the unfolding story at the same time as learning true-to-life analytical procedures, and it shaped my decision to take some Forensic Anthropology modules as part of my degree.

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